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"Henna by Naty is a spiritual and vibrant interaction. From her customer service to the final visual presentation, it's an experience." -J.C. New York, NY

"Naty is not only a great person, but extremely creative.
The best part is getting my henna tattoo done from someone that is so loving and friendly! Can't wait to do the next one!" -C.M., Queens, NY

"Beautifully experienced artist with strong expressive patterns and symmetry that contours to the shape of anyone's unique body part. She is very friendly, really good conversationalist and carries you through the process, and incredibly informative with her craft. Highly recommend her to all who seeks the services that she offers." -C.S. New York, NY

'Naty is an artist, a healer & an extremely adaptable professional. I would recommend her to anyone throwing an event, or individuals seeking design & art in their lives. Her henna ranges from delicate designs to traditional mandalas to custom work at a client's request. Once after a video screening she created the logo of my film on my hand, if that's not creative branding, I don't know what is!  Naty puts thought & care into every step of her work, from the creation of henna with safe, sustainable materials that both stain the skin & do not irritate it, to the designs & the way she relates to her clients. In the time it takes for her to adorn your body with henna, Naty offers kindness, wisdom & conversation to every single person that sits in front of her. I have seen her do so with everyone from children, to men, to older women to myself & friends. One time I had a friend going through a very hard time, but when she sat down with Naty to get her henna done she was visibly more at peace & calm. This is the effect Naty has on her clients, all the while leaving them beautiful henna designs."

- A., Brooklyn, NY


"Natalia is a very inspirational goddess which god has blessed with such an awesome career. She is arole model to look up to. I had an amazing time at her Mother's Day pamper party. Especially since I surprised my mother with this pampering gift. Which turned out such a hit!  Thank you very much for allowing my mom and I to have such a terrific and exciting day with you! Be blessed always. You're the greatest!!!! " - L. Haverstraw, NY

"Natalia is a true gem! She serviced our staff appreciation day at the Connecticut Food Bank and she was by far the biggest hit at the event! Her kind and warm nature is something you don't see as much any more and it was refreshing to encounter such a beautiful soul. Her work is absolutely AMAZING! Her ability to freehand such beautiful designs is truly a talent! Everyone walked away extremely pleased with their designs. She freehanded every single person who wanted a henna design and that alone was impressive of all sorts! Natalia blew us away with her talent; I cannot say that enough! If you are looking for true talent, book Natalia; you will not be disappointed! Her services will most certainly be used again and again! Thank you for your beautiful kindness and warm soul, you filled the room with happiness and that is something money cannot buy!"
- Janice, Wallingford, Connecticut

"I booked Naty for a block party and my wedding. She added such a lovely touch to both events and is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her henna skills are superb and everybody loves her! I highly recommend you book her for your next event." - Steve/ Support Creativity. New York


"Natalia visited my home in Greenwich to do some fun henna tattoos for my wife, me and a few friends prior to a group trip to the Caribbean a few days later.  She was prompt, friendly, really good at her craft and fun.  We gave her some challenging imagery and she did incredible work.  Additionally, she was willing to stay late to get everything done and a great sport to put up with us. Thanks Naty!" - Robert. Greenwich, Connecticut

"Highly recommend Naty! I ordered a clutch for my mom and myself as Christmas gifts. Each bag is made with quality and attention to detail. Custom orders are fun - Natalia is beyond accommodating. The clutches were gorgeous! It is a great feeling to support someone's passion, livelihood & health by purchasing from local artists. Natalia also has the ability make people feel relaxed and at ease in her presence. She is inspiring and has plenty of interesting stories. These qualities sets her henna tattoo work apart. She is knowledgable at her craft and can teach about the history and spirituality of henna if you are interested. With her positive aura, she is an artist you'd be fortunate to have at any event!" -K. Hermosa Beach, California

"I have had two private henna parties with Naty and I have to say, she is amazing. Every guest at both parties were very happy & satisfied with their henna piece. There are definitely more parties planned for the future." -Wanda. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

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